Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Poses for Unbound Members!

For Unbound Members Only!


  1. Saw these on sims3 updates <3 Already have them downloaded though xD

  2. Cool! I like how dramatic some of them are :3 But What's unbound? I've Never seen that forum before! What's it all about?

  3. It's a simming community a lot like the officials except no ban-happy mods and a lot friendlier environment. There are all kinds of threads for sims, modeling, photos, stories, legacies, games, it's own newspaper, and all kinds of fun competitions. It's a very welcoming forum that I'm an admin of with Bliss and it's really active. So, I'd recommend checking it out some time :)

    1. Oh wow! Sounds like fun! I've been looking for fun, friendly sim forums to join :D I'm most active on Cstyles because of all its easy going helpful fellow simmers and Unbound sounds like another one to join up on!

  4. Good poses and a wonderful blog. I really liked it here. I hope you visit my blog too :)