Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sensation's 4th Pose Pack

Sensation's 4th Pose Pack Is Ready for Download!

We've got it for you! The 4th pack from Sensation Magazine is here!
All poses except 2, I believe, were requested by simmers at Sims 3 Unbound.

Pose #16 - Requested by Ashpie88
Pose #17 - Requested by Tweety
Pose #18 - Requested by Themelonic

Pose #19 - Requested by Simpixie
Pose #20 - Requested by Simpixie
Pose #21 - Requested by ixSydney
Pose #22 - Requested by Bliss
No reference photo - just description!
Pose #23 - Requested by Jalibo
Pose #24 - Requested by Jalibo
Pose #25 - Non-request


  1. Great pose set. They are all so delicious. Thank you ^_^
    I can't wait to mess around with them in game.

  2. Ty for the boob holding pose beech <3

    1. NP - I tried to get what you meant, sorry if it isn't perfectly what you wanted hehe

  3. Hello: Very nice work. I stumbled upon your blog by sheer accident. I am glad I did. I have featured your poses at a new blog called the Sims 3 Doll Emporium with a link to your website. Keep up the great work.

  4. OMG! They are so sexy and cute!
    I always love your poses set^^

  5. Yay! *downloads* Love them all! <3

  6. How did you get your Sim only topless for pose #16?

  7. @J - It's actually just a nude top that you can download at They also have a nude bottom. I believe Evie Sims also has a set of a nude top & bottom at her blog :)

  8. @J: sorry not .net :)

  9. I love these poses, but how do I get them in the game? I'm not seeing them in the pose player list and I don't know the codes to type them in. :(

  10. I can't tell ya how to fix that. They show up on my list in game so I'm not sure why they aren't showing up on yours.

  11. Plz i need the command of this poses and i loved them... nice work

  12. I don't have the commands for these anymore. I've since cleaned out my computer. Sorry!