Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beech's Seated Pose Pack

I decided to get a little creative with some seated/lying down poses to spice things up!

I hope you enjoy them!

There are 15 poses in this pack! Enjoy!

They are pose player ready!


  1. You really did get creative. These are wonderful. Raunchy and elegant. I can't wait to try them out. I love the way you position the hand. My favorite is the one where she is sitting and is trying to look at us though her back is turned. It's the sixth one up from the bottom. Thank you.

  2. Oh my!Lookin good Beech! You've been busy I see because these look very good :3

  3. Thank you everyone! I'm glad you enjoy them!

    @Sackgirl: Thank you, I really like that one too, I hope they work out for you!

  4. These are just fabulous, Beech!!!

  5. I think the ideas of the poses are really nice. There are such a variety and they are good! However, I do fill that some spots look awkward and especially stiff. I believe that this can be improve if you try playing more with more of the rotation options as well as the "grab" one, where you move a section freely instead of rotating.

    Due to the nature of the Sims' mesh, distortions take place quickly when a lot of strain is put at some places, especially during rotation. By moving it a bit with the grab tool (G), you can arrange the distortion and make them look more natural. An example I can pick is the third pose from this pack. Notice how the shoulder of her raised arm is bent inward very strangely, which happens if you only rotate the shoulder clockwise to raise the upper arm. To fix this you can play with the clavicle first when the arm is still lowered, and the raised it slowly and alternatively on the shoulder area. Here's a picture of the clavicle dot that I'm talking about(1.), followed by the shoulder one (2.)

    Another thing is the expression. I think the expressions themselves (the face) is great. However, I'm having trouble with the eye focus. I think it's because the focus is a bit unclear, it looks more like she's staring blankly towards the way her head is facing. You can try playing a bit more with the eyeball by rotating (I guess you know that if you press "R" twice, it lets you rotate in 360, which is very useful for eyes).

    Anyway that's all! Remember that you have lots of control actually , and it's better to use most of them a bit than just using the major spots (like shoulder, elbow, etc) to create the pose. It may get tedious sometimes, but it pays off. I look forward to seeing more of your stuff.

  6. They are very nice! Please, what's the codes? I don't have pose list :(

  7. @Anon: Thanks, The codes are as follows:

    a_beech_sit01.....all the way to 09
    Then they are a_beech_sit10...all the way to 15