Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sensation Poses WIP

Just thought I'd share the poses I'm currently working on. They are all works in progress and won't be officially released until the next issue of the mag which won't be for a few more weeks now. I'm only going to share about 5 of the 15 poses that will be released, just to tease you guys!

This was requested by Ashpie88
This was requested by Themelonic

This was requested by Jalibo

And for the "special" themed pack to be released in Feb's issue of Sensation Magazine, we have some couple's poses for you. You only get to see 2 out of the 5 pose sets!


  1. These are turning out great, Beech! I'm so excited!!!!

    1. Thanks Ash! I'm glad you like them, I was really excited for the one you requested. I'm hoping to get some more made up that are more generic standing poses soon!